Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Blord Real Estate Limited gets government certification

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Linus Williams Ifejika, popularly referred to as Blord, is living the life of his dreams as the Nigerian government has issued his real estate firm, Blord Real Estate Limited, a certificate of incorporation.

With this feat, Blord is now a certified real estate player as he joins the league of well-meaning Nigerians collaborating with the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government in addressing the nation’s housing deficit.

The issuance of a certificate of incorporation to Blord Real Estate Limited has raised hopes that more Nigerians will in the years ahead own homes of their own, taking advantage of the various ownership structure to make their dreams of shelter over their heads a reality.

Disclosing the good news on his verified Instagram account recently, Blord was full of gratitude to God for the ease with which the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) availed him an opportunity to diversify his investment portfolio by delving into real estate.

Meanwhile, Blord’s cryptocurrency company, Blord Group, is making a steady appearance on billboards on major roads and districts in Abuja, Lagos, and Awka, among others, thus, enhancing the blockchain market, of which he is fast becoming a household name not only in Nigeria but in sub-Sahara Africa.

Blord is a young creative Nigerian cryptocurrency magnate with a capacity to think outside the box; a feat that earned him the alias, ‘Coach.’ From a humble background, Ifejika has risen to the top of his game, winning plaudits and mentoring the youths to boot.

In the past few years, Blord has etched his name in the minds of many with his incredible understanding of the complexities and dynamics of the crypto industry. His honesty combines with a sense of unmatched professionalism to make him one of the renowned names in crypto trading in Nigeria today.

For Blord, the emerging digital economy is fated to alter forever old ways of doing things, including the conduct of business; hence his decision to explore the blockchain market.

“It was one of the safest things to do, given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which hit many businesses across the globe below the belt,” he says.

The Greek word, polymechanus, which translates as ‘man of multiple competencies,’ best describes Ifejika who continues to conquer new territories, refusing to rest on his oars and not allowing the applause to get into his head.

Blord wants to be seen as one of the pioneer investors in the blockchain market in Nigeria, at a time little was known about cryptocurrency. Doing so, according to him is to encourage the youths to dare to dream, to have the guts to try and fail with the hope of rising again.

No wonder, the young and the not-too-young are today looking up to him for guidance in the yet-to-be-fully explored field of cryptocurrency.

In the words of Blord, Nigerian youths should trust themselves and be ready to embrace technology and the digital world in years to come and reap the dividends of boldness.

Blord is also of the view that digitization should be taught in Nigerian secondary schools to give the young ones a sense of a world ruled by ideas rather than might. The youths, according to Blord, must get involved in this revolution early on so as to make them big players in the future that is already before them.


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