Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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One-Minute STEM Videos (Veritasium Contest)

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STEM videos help explain science and engineering in engaging, accessible ways. These short videos tackle some cool science concepts! Watch and share to help our nonprofit organization get noticed in the Veritasium Contest.

Video thumbnails for sticky note pad friction and jumping flame videos entered in the Veritasium Contest

At Science Buddies, we know that great videos can bring science and engineering to life for a wide range of viewers. Whether you use them at the start of class, for homework, or as part of a science lesson, we know educators make great use of quality STEM videos. In response to feedback from our community of educators, we have increased our focus on developing video content in recent years. Our scientists make engaging STEM videos that go along with our lessons, activities, and experiments, and many of our new resources contain a video element.

We are currently entering videos in the Veritasium Contest for science communication videos. You can help improve our chances of being considered in the judging by watching and sharing our entries.

Our video entries for the #VeritasiumContest appear below.

Will 200 Sticky Notes Hold My Weight?

Will 200 Sticky Notes Hold My Weight?

Watch this one-minute video to see Ben, one of our senior staff scientists, explain the physics behind how two sticky note pads can support his weight when he uses them to hang from the rafters. The MythBusters did it with phone books, but we think sticky pads are great for hands-on fun with students!

Try this with students using the Phone Book Friction activity.

The Jumping Flame Trick Revealed!

The Jumping Flame Trick Revealed!

Watch this one-minute video to see how Svenja, one of our senior staff scientists, explains the chemistry involved in the flame from one candle appearing to mysteriously light another candle. Watch the video to learn about combustion and how a candle really burns.

Try this with students using the Make a Candle Flame Jump activity.

More STEM Videos

For more great STEM videos, follow us at YouTube or search for videos using our site search.


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