Sunday, May 29, 2022
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The Audacity Skyline Joins Eko Atlantic City, As LandWey, City Sign Contract of Sale

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In its efforts to make real estate investment accessible to more people, the Audacity Skyline, a development by LandWey, is set to become a new addition to the Eko Atlantic City.

The move by the real estate company, according to the firm, is towards the completion of a 28-floor, coastal shoreline and mixed-use high-rise building at the Eko Atlantic City for residential purposes.

The signing ceremony of the five-year project last Wednesday at the Eko Atlantic City symbolised the beginning of what promises to be a high-yielding relationship between both organisations.

The Group Managing Director (GMD) of LandWey, Mr Olawale Ayilara, expressed delight at LandWey becoming a part of the Eko Atlantic City after acquiring a piece of the Eko Atlantic City.

He stated that The Audacity Skyline would be one of LandWey’s greatest feats yet.

According to him, “We are immensely glad to take this step along with Eko Atlantic City towards the infrastructural development of Lagos, and even now I am confident that this will only be one step out of many to come. We love what the Eko Atlantic City represents and that is why there is no better place to put the mega-project than here.”

Ayilara stated that the real estate sector in Lagos had experienced an unprecedented shift over the last couple of years, and with projects like The Audacity Skyline in the nearest future, the transformation had only just begun.

He further stated that LandWey Investment Limited is a company that offers end-to-end residential and commercial real estate services with product offerings ranging from investment advisory, land sourcing to development and construction.

Other members and staff, who witnessed the signing ceremony, included the Acting Managing Director of Landwey; Ms Adeshola Bello and management and staff of Landwey.

Sales, Marketing and Development Director, Eko Atlantic City, Pierre Edde, said: “The Audacity Skyline Project is the cornerstone of LandWey’s developments in Eko Atlantic City. It confirms the confidence that LandWey and other developers have in the city. We strongly believe that Eko Atlantic City will reposition Lagos and Nigeria on the regional and international map.”

The Audacity skyline is set to challenge the norm and everyone is enjoined to anticipate this prestigious project by LandWey.


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