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Wacky Water Science (Awesome Summer Science Experiments)

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Check in each week at Science Buddies this summer for our Awesome Summer Science Experiments series! Each week, we’ll highlight a few activities for awesome science and engineering kids can do at home. We’ve got a whole summer of fun STEM themes lined up for kids of all ages — for free. This week: make a splash with awesome summer science experiments that involve water!

Awesome Wacky Water Experiments

The activities in Week 8 of our Awesome Summer Science Experiments series feature science and engineering activities related to the design of boats, how submarines work, how water can be moved from one place to another, and how physics explains why poking a hole in a container doesn’t necessarily cause a leak. Try these experiments with a large container (or bathtub) of water, or, if it’s warm outside, head outdoors to make a splash with some Wacky Water Science fun!

Awesome Summer Science Experiments Week 8:
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EXPERIMENT: Wacky Water Science

WATCH: Videos

Make a Self-Starting Siphon

Aluminum Foil Boat Design – STEM Lesson Plan

How Much Weight Can Boats Float?

How can air pressure prevent leaks?

Build a Submarine -STEM activity

How to Make an Archimedes Screw – STEM Activity

Build a Water Sprinkler Toy

DO MORE: A Weekend DIY Water Sprinkler Experiment

Example of a backyard water sprinkler made from PVC pipes

Sprinkler-type toys can be an exciting way to get “a little” (or a lot) wet. The Build a Water Sprinkler Toy experiment takes some planning and plenty of backyard space, but this is a great way to design your own, custom, life-sized water toy! Families can work together to design and build their sprinkler toy from PVC pipes.


Shell-shaped bath bombs similar to the ones kids can make with the bath bomb science kit

The following Science Buddies Kit fits in with this week’s Wacky Water theme:

  • Bath Bomb Science Kit: make your own bath bombs for extra fizzy fun in the bathtub. Make your own to explore the chemistry behind these fizzing balls. What’s the secret to making the fizziest ones?

Learn more about Science Buddies Kits and see our 7 Science Kits for Summer Science Experiments and Discovery recommendations.

ASK: Questions

Use these questions to prompt conversation and reflection about the science behind this week’s Awesome Summer Science Experiments activities:

  • What science principles come into play in how a boat floats in water?
  • What design changes can make a difference in a boat’s ability to stay upright in water?
  • Even if two objects look similar, why might one of them sink and one of them float?
  • What happens to the height of water in a container when an object is submerged in the water?


After trying this week’s summer science experiments, kids can learn more about related science and engineering careers, like:

READ: Books

Pair picture and story books like these with this week’s Awesome Summer Science Experiments explorations.

For more suggestions for science-themed summer reading, see our Summer Reading List. Also, don’t miss this roundup of creative STEM activities for storytelling and imaginative play.

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Aluminum foil boat, cork sailboat, bottle submarine, straw siphon, and bottle with pushpins poked through for Wacky Water Week 8 - part of Awesome Summer Science Experiments series

10 Weeks of Awesome Summer Science Experiments

Follow the full summer series on the Awesome Summer Science Experiments page!

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