All 379 passengers and crew safely evacuated after a Japan Airlines plane caught fire at Haneda Airport.

Evacuation Success

Five out of six coastguard plane crew members died; the Japan Airlines captain was injured in the incident.

Tragic Casualties

Flames engulfed the airliner as it landed, skidding on the blazing runway at Tokyo's Haneda airport

Blazing Runway Landing

Fire crews spent hours dousing the blaze to control the situation.

Firefighting Efforts

Japan Airlines Flight 516 originated from Sapporo on the northern island of Hokkaido.

Flight Origin

All four runways at Haneda were closed, disrupting travel plans for thousands of passengers.

Runway Closures

Video footage showed the plane bursting into flames after landing, prompting an investigation into the collision

Collision Details

The coastguard aircraft, a De Havilland Dash 8, was on a mission to assist with earthquake relief efforts in Ishikawa.

Coastguard Mission

The incident marks the first major accident involving an A350 aircraft, constructed with advanced materials

A350 Involvement

Air safety experts praised Japan Airlines crew for their focus on safety during the successful evacuation.

Commendation for Crew