India embarked on a mission to become a global hub for electronics manufacturing with the India Semiconductor Mission. Notably, Micron's $2.75 billion semiconductor plant in Gujarat marked a significant step forward.

India Semiconductor Mission (ISM)

Launched by US President Biden and Prime Minister Modi, iCET strengthened collaboration in new tech. Achievements included the Quantum Coordination Mechanism, discussions on telecommunications, and the launch of the India-US Defence Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS-X).

Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology

India joined the global space collaboration by signing the Artemis Accords during Prime Minister Modi's historic US visit. This agreement ensures access to cutting-edge spacecraft, fostering global competitiveness in space exploration.

Artemis Accords:

Developed by DRDO and produced by BDL, the Akash Missile system demonstrated India's pursuit of self-reliant defence capabilities. Its recent feat of engaging four targets simultaneously showcased its advanced capabilities.

Akash Missile

India commissioned INS Vikrant, the first domestically built aircraft carrier, weighing 45,000 tonnes. Constructed by Cochin Shipyard Limited, it represents a significant stride in India's journey toward Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

INS Vikrant

India achieved the fastest 5G rollout, surpassing targets in all 22 service areas within nine months. Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel played pivotal roles, deploying an impressive 2.70 lakh 5G sites.

5G in India

India launched an AI Mission to provide startups with more computing power, focusing on healthcare, agriculture, and education. This mission aims to establish strong computing capabilities for AI applications in critical sectors.

Artificial Intelligence Mission

India achieved a historic milestone in space exploration by joining the Artemis Accords, emphasizing global collaboration and competitiveness

Space Exploration Milestone

The successful engagement of four targets simultaneously by the Akash Missile showcased India's advanced defence capabilities, attracting international interest.

Defence Capabilities with Akash Missile

India's rapid 5G rollout solidified its position as a global leader in telecommunications. The focus is already shifting towards the next frontier - 6G technology

Rapid Advancements in Telecommunications