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Zoonotic diseases can trigger abortion in women, physician warns

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The Clinician, Bauchi Area Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Huzaifa Abdullahi, on Saturday warned that some zoonotic diseases can abort pregnancy in women, if not managed properly. 

Abdullahi stated this on Saturday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Bauchi.

According to the physician, Toxoplasmosis is one of the dangerous zoonotic diseases that pregnant women should avoid, explaining that it is mostly contracted from cats.

“Pregnant women should be cautious while in contact with cats, especially during their first and second trimesters.

“Toxoplasmosis is contracted through contaminated food or faeces of cats.

“The disease passes through the system through the blood and has its way to the placenta.

“It has the ability to cause abortion to pregnant women if it gets to the fatal membrane,” he said.

He listed the symptoms to include muscle pain, fever and headache, all of which can last for weeks.

Abdullahi identified Brucellosis as another disease that affects the human reproductive system.

The clinician said that the bacterial organism is found in food animals.

According to him, the most vulnerable to the disease are those in abbatoirs.

Abdullahi said that the disease could be contracted through the fluid or blood of the infected animals.

“The disease is contracted through interaction with the fluid or blood of either small or big ruminant animals.

“This organism has the capacity to affect the reproductive system of both genders and cause infertility if it advanced,” the expert said.

Abdullahi, therefore, advised members of the general public to ensure proper medical attention to animals at all times to safeguard public health.

He also urged residents to ensure that all animals and dairy products meant to be sold during the Eid-el-Kabir were healthy for consumption.

“Come to the Veterinary Clinic at all times for medical attention.

“Sallah is around, we know the medication you will administer to an animal that will be suitable for human consumption within a stipulated time,” he advised. 



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