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BYD Seal Booking In India

Well, let’s start by talking about the booking of this car! Book BYD Seal with token for Rs 1 lakh and enjoy delivery after April 2024. So are you also eager to book for this cool car?

BYD Sealed Battery And Range

Now we come to the heart of this vehicle, its battery and range. Three engines have been used in BYD Seal which makes it an electric car. Additionally, three batteries make it powerful and remote.

BYD Sealed Charging

Talking about charging, BYD Seal has a 150 kW DCA fast charging system, which charges up to 80% in just 26 minutes. This proves that charging this vehicle is very much worth your time!

BYD Seal Dimensions

When it comes to the BYD Seal’s shape, it looks exactly like the Toyota Camry, but it is creating its own identity in the Indian market. Its dimensions include a height of 4800 mm, length of 1875 mm and wheelbase of 2920 mm, which makes it spacious and streamlined.

BYD Seal Features List

The BYD Seal packs surprising features like a 15.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a 10.50-inch digital instrument cluster, wireless Android Auto, and automatic mobile charging.

BYD Seal Safety Features List

In terms of safety, BYD Seal has no rivals with active safety features like 8 airbags, 360 degree camera, and ADAS.

BYD Seal Price In India

The price of BYD Seal has not been released yet, but it is generally expected to have a starting price around Rs 55 lakh.


FAQ: What is BYD Seal’s booking price?

Answer: BYD Seal can be booked for Rs 1 lakh with token.

FAQ: What are the safety features of BYD Seal?

Answer: BYD Seal has features like 8 airbags, 360 degree camera, and ADAS.

FAQ: What is the expected delivery time for BYD Seal?

Answer: Delivery of BYD Seal is expected after April 2024.

FAQ: What sets BYD Seal apart from other sedans?

Answer: BYD Seal’s comprehensive feature set, powerful battery, and excellent safety features set it apart from other sedans.

FAQ: Is BYD Seal suitable for Indian roads?

Answer: Yes, the design and safety features of BYD Seal are suitable for Indian roads.

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