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Kawasaki Z900

Kawasaki Z900: The Kawasaki Z900 has emerged as a competitive bike in the Indian automobile market with great performance and style. This bike is not only powerful but its design is also quite attractive. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the important specifications, engine, design, and features of the Kawasaki Z900.

Kawasaki Z900 Price in India

Kawasaki Z900 price in India is approximately Rs 9.29 lakh ex-showroom. At this price you get a great performance and advanced features.

Kawasaki Z900

Kawasaki Z900 Features

Bike Name: Kawasaki Z900
Engine: in-line four cylinder engine, 948cc mirror cooled
Power: 125 PS
Torque: 98.6 Nm
Transmission: 6 Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTransmission
Features: Smartphone Connectivity, TFT Color Instrument Panel, Integrated Riding Modes, Power Modes, Dual Channel ABS

Kawasaki Z900

Kawasaki Z900 Engine

The engine of Kawasaki Z900 is 948cc, which provides a powerful performance. Along with this, this engine can generate power of 125 PS and torque of 98.6 Nm.

Kawasaki Z900 Design

The design of the Kawasaki Z900 is as impressive as its performance. It has attractive features like LED headlights, muscular fuel tank, and LED tail lights.

Kawasaki Z900

Features of Kawasaki Z900

The Kawasaki Z900 has many advanced features that make it a special one. It includes features like smartphone connectivity, TFT color instrument panel, and dual channel ABS.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the mileage of Kawasaki Z900?
The average mileage of the Kawasaki Z900 is around 15-20 kmpl.

2. What is the top speed of this bike?
The top speed of Kawasaki Z900 is around 240 kilometers per hour.

3. Does this bike have a braking system?
Yes, the Kawasaki Z900 has a dual channel ABS braking system.

4. Is the maintenance cost of this bike high?
No, the maintenance cost of Kawasaki Z900 is moderate and can be easily maintained.

5. Is this bike suitable for urban travel?
Yes, the Kawasaki Z900 is excellent for urban commuting as it has high performance and drivability.

Thus, the Kawasaki Z900 can be an early pick for Indian bike lovers who want an effective and excellent experience with powerful performance and attractive design.


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