Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
hyundai nexo

Hyundai Nexo : Hyundai cars are always considered the best in the Indian automobile sector. Recently, at the Bharat Mobility Show 2024, Hyundai launched its new car, Hyundai Nexo, which is a hydrogen cell-powered car. This car has been designed keeping the environment in mind. In this blog post, we will discuss the Hyundai Nexo price, launch date, features, and battery in detail.

Hyundai Nexo Price in India (Expected)

Hyundai Nexo is a hydrogen cell powered car, which is different from other electric cars. Till now, Hyundai has not given any official information about the price of this car, but according to some media reports, the starting price of this car can be around Rs 65 lakh in India.

hyundai nexo

Hyundai Nexo Launch Date in India (Expected)

Hyundai Nexo is still a concept car, but this car is very good for the environment as it runs on hydrogen cells. No official announcement has been made yet regarding the launch date of this car. But according to some reports, this car can be launched in India in the coming years.

hyundai nexo

Features of Hyundai Nexo

Car Name: Hyundai Nexo
Hyundai Nexo Launch Date in India: Expected (Expected)
price of Hyundai Nexo in India: Rs 65 lakh (estimated)
Fuel Type : Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Body: SUV
Power: 163kW
Torque: 395 Nm
Fuel Capacity: 6.6 Kg Hydrogen
Sitting Capacity: 5

Hyundai Nexo Design

Hyundai Nexo is a hydrogen electric SUV car in which 5 seat available. Its exterior has a sleek and attractive design. It has a big grille and LED headlights from Hyundai. This hydrogen cell powered car is quite simple and premium in appearance.

It has LED tail lights at the rear, and 19″ alloy wheels. You will find a futuristic design in its interior, which includes a large touchscreen display, comfortable seats, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, and an air purifier.

Hyundai Nexo Battery

The Hyundai Nexo is a hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle. It takes only 5 minutes to fill hydrogen in it. It has a 120 kW motor, which provides 163 PS power and 395 Nm torque. It has more range than other electric cars. Once filled with hydrogen, it offers a range of 613 kilometers.

hyundai nexo

Features of Hyundai Nexo

The exterior of Hyundai Nexo has a sleek and futuristic design. It has many advanced features of Hyundai. This car is different from other electric cars because it runs on hydrogen. Its other features include a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, wireless charging pad, and air purifier. For safety, it has advanced driver assistance systems, air bags, and 360° camera.

Through this blog post, we got detailed information about Hyundai Nexo price, launch date, features, and battery. This car based on hydrogen technology is a positive step for the environment, which can bring significant changes in the automobile industry in the coming times.


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