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Kawasaki Z900 Price in India Engine, Design, Features

In the Indian automobile market, Kawasaki company’s bikes are often preferred by people due to their powerful performance. Kawasaki company has launched Kawasaki Z900 bike in India.

Kawasaki Z900 price
Kawasaki Z900 bike has been launched by Kawasaki company in the Indian automobile market with advanced features and attractive design. Kawasaki Z900 is priced at around Rs 9.29 lakh ex-showroom in the Indian market.

Kawasaki Z900 Features

Bike Name: Kawasaki Z900
Kawasaki Z900 in India: ₹9.26 lakh (ex-showroom)
Engine: 948cc mirror cooled, inline four cylinder engine
Power: 125 PS
Torque: 98.6 Nm
Transmission: 6 Speed ​​Transmission
Features: Smartphone Connectivity, TFT Color Instrument Panel, Integrated Riding Modes, Power Modes, Dual Channel ABS
Kawasaki Z900 bike has made a big splash in the Indian market. Its powerful performance, attractive design, and advanced features make it an attractive option. Its price is also proportionate with its features and this bike provides a unique experience to the bike lovers out there.

The Kawasaki Z900 bike has started a new trend in the Indian market, combining high quality and performance to deliver a great riding experience. The versatility of this bike’s features and its performance make it different from other bikes.

So, if you are a bike lover and looking for a bike with high performance and attractive design, then Kawasaki Z900 can be a great choice for you. Its high quality, excellent design, and advanced features will let you enjoy a unique riding experience.

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