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Honda sp 125 offer

Honda SP 125 Offer Once again Honda is making waves in the market! With the offers applicable on SP 125 bike, buying the vehicle has become even easier. This includes a discount of up to 10% and excellent EMI plans, giving you the opportunity to buy your dream bike with even more ease. This time the offer is highest on SP 125, in which you can get the bike with low down payment and low EMI every month.

Honda SP 125 Engine

Honda SP 125 Engine

This Honda SP 125 bike has a 123 cc 4 stroke liquid cooled SI engine under the tank. This engine offers a torque peak power of 10.9 Nm @ 6000 rpm, making this bike a great performer. Along with this, this engine comes with the power of bS6, which makes it even more special. Its top speed has been declared by the company as 106 kilometers per hour.

Honda SP 125 Offer

Honda SP 125 Feature List

Honda SP 125 Feature List

Honda SP 125 bike is known for its features. It has many features like analog speedometer, digital instrument console, digital speedometer, digital odometer, clock to see time, silent start with ACG, eco indicator, 5 gear box, tail light, LED headlight, dual service indicator.

Honda SP 125 Mileage

honda sp 125 mileage

Talking about the mileage of SP 125, it has an 11.2 liter tank, which gives it a mileage of 65 kilometers per liter (65 Kmpl).

Honda SP 125 Suspension and Brake

Honda SP 125 Suspension and Brakes

To perform the suspension and braking functions of SP 125, it has telescopic fork suspension at the front and hydraulic type suspension at the rear. Furthermore, it has a disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear to perform braking duties.

Honda SP 125 Offer

Honda SP 125 On Road Price

Honda SP 125 On Road Price

Want to buy this bike? Its price is Rs 100,521 on road Delhi price. On this new Officer, the company has reduced its price, in which its price has become Rs 94.53 on road price. This bike is a great bike in the 124 cc segment, which is also known as the bike that gives maximum mileage.

Honda SP 125 EMI plan

Honda SP 125 EMI Plan

Talking about the EMI plan of Honda SP 125, its price is Rs 1,00,521. If you do not have that much money to buy this bike, then by making a down payment of Rs 10,000, you can easily take it home at an installment of Rs 2,868 per month with an interest rate of 9.7 for the next 3 years. And the total bank loan amount in this will be Rs 89,274.

However, please note that this plan may be different according to your city and state, for more information contact your nearest dealer.

Honda SP 125 Offer

Honda SP 125 Rivals

In summary of market competition:

Honda SP 125 is a great bike which is making its mark in the market with its capabilities and features. There are some other bikes in its competition, but SP 125 is different from them.

How does the SP 125 stand out among its competitors:

  1. Style and Design: The SP 125 stands out from other bikes with its stylish design and attractive colours. Its insight and modern technology make it a leader in style and design.
  2. Engine Performance: The engine of SP 125 comes out with high torque and better performance, giving it an edge over others.
  3. Features: SP 125 has adopted the latest technological and safety features, making it stand out from others. It has features like digital instrument console, silent start with ACG, and service indicator that make it a great option.
  4. Engine Technology: With BS6 standard, the engine of SP 125 is also leading in terms of environment, making it perform better than others and reduce noise pollution.

Thus, Honda SP 125 is creating a distinct identity for itself in the market with its uniqueness and advanced features.

Honda SP 125 and its in-depth study

Additional details and features:

Honda SP 125 is a bike that is trained with its great engine performance, stylish design, and features. Following are its features and details:

  • Engine Performance: The SP 125 is powered by a 123 cc 4 stroke liquid cooled SI engine that produces 10.9 Nm @ 6000 rpm torque peak power. Its BS6 engine is also excellent in terms of environment and its top speed is 106 kmph.
  • Features: SP 125 comes with digital instrument console, silent start with ACG, eco indicator, and many other features that make it better. Its safety features are also high, such as the combi brake system and engine kill switch.
  • Emotional Design: The design of SP 125 is attractive and makes it an emotional brand. It has the ability to prove individuality through body graphics and logo design.
  • Mileage and Engine Technology: The SP 125’s 11.2 liter tank delivers high mileage and is fully BS6 approved in terms of engine performance.


In this article we look into the ins and outs of the Honda SP 125, what makes it a great bike. Its high-tech features and features make it stand out from its competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is Honda SP 125 offer available in my city?

A: Offer availability may vary depending on location. Contact your local dealer for details.

Q: What is the top speed of Honda SP 125?

A: The top speed of Honda SP 125 is 106 kmph.

Q: Is there any additional discount on SP 125 EMI plan?

A: Specific discounts may vary. Contact  with your dealer for the know additional discount.

Q: How does the SP 125 compare with other bikes in its segment?

A: The article compares the SP 125 with other 124 cc bikes, highlighting the strengths of the SP 125.

Q: Where can I get more information about Honda Shine 100 offers?

A: For more details visit your nearest Honda dealer or their official website.


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