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Honda Shine 100 Offers This time, Honda Shine 100 has taken the Indian market by storm. Honda company has issued some great offers and EMI plans regarding this bike, which will benefit the buyers. In this article, we will share important information about this bike like its features, engine power, suspension and brake system, offers, EMI plans, and many more.

Honda shine 100 offers

Honda Shine 100 Features

Wavy Designs and their Features

Honda Shine has a unique and attractive design. It gets long comfort sheet, eSP technology, side stand engine cut off function, and analog twin pod console with functions like odometer, speedometer, fuel check outcheck, engine light, neutral indicator, headlight bulb, and air cooled engine.

Color and variants details

Honda Shine is available in the Indian market with five color options and three variants. This bike is for those who not only care about mileage, but are looking for a stylish bike.

Honda Shine 100 Engine

powerful engine

To power the Honda Shine 100, a 98.98cc four-stroke SI engine has been provided under the tank. This engine produces high max power of 8.05 N-m @ 5000 rpm and gets a mileage of 65 kmpl. It has four gear boxes, which makes it great in this segment.

Honda shine 100 offers

Honda Shine 100 Suspension and Brake

Confluence of security and convenience

Honda Shine 100 uses front telescopic forks and dual rear shock absorbers, which is safe and convenient. Additionally, front and rear drum brakes with combi brake system have been used to perform the braking duties.

Honda Shine 100 Offers

Buy with great offers

The on-road price of Honda Shine 100 is Rs 77,406, which is a big humbug in this segment. Along with this, there are many other offers available at the dealership which make it even more attractive.

Contact your nearest dealer for information regarding this offer.

Honda Shine 100 EMI Plan

Easy EMI Plan

By making a down payment of Rs 5,999 in the EMI plan of Honda Shine 100, you can make a monthly installment of Rs 2,336 with an interest rate of Rs 9.99 for the next 36 months. This is a convenient and easy way to buy this great bike.

This EMI plan is applicable across all dealerships in India. For more information about this plan, contact your nearest DEAR.

Honda Shine 100 Rivals:

Honda Shine 100 is a much loved bike in the Indian market with its powerful performance capability and great mileage. But it is competing with some other bikes which are giving it tough competition. Here are the major rivals of Honda Shine 100:

  1. Hero HF 100:
    • Hero HF 100 is another Sujeevan bike present in the Indian market.
    • It features a powerful engine and high mileage, which is attracting consumers.
    • The design of HF 100 is also attractive and it is budget friendly.
  2. Bajaj Platina 100:
    • Bajaj Platina 100 is another great option that comes with great mileage and a lively engine.
    • Due to it having Suzuki-Hankuka based technology, its performance and engine efficiency are better.
    • The availability of Platina 100 at extremely low prices makes it even more attractive.

These bikes compete with the Honda Shine 100, which provides consumers with a great mileage and excellent performance. This bike of Honda is also trying to keep the consumers in trend with its attractive design and features.


Honda Shine 100 is a bike which is famous for its powerful performance and high mileage in the Indian market. The new offer and EMI plan of this bike is attracting the consumers even more. Competing with the Suzuki Splendor Plus, the Honda Shine 100 has made its mark in the market and promises consumers a safe, comfortable, and powerful bike experience.

In this article, we have discussed the features, engine, suspension, brakes, offers, and EMI plans of Honda Shine 100 in detail. Additionally, we have also compared it with its key rivals like Hero HF 100 and Bajaj Platina 100.

Now, let us collect some important questions related to this bike.


  1. What is the mileage of Honda Shine 100?
    • The mileage of Honda Shine 100 is approximately 65 kilometers per liter.
  2. How does EMI plan work?
    • In the EMI plan, you can plan to pay a monthly installment of Rs 2,336 with an interest rate of Rs 9.99 for the next 36 months by making a down payment of Rs 5,999.
  3. What are the best features of Honda Shine 100?
    • It includes features like long comfort sheet, eSP technology, side stand engine cut off function, analog twin pod console, and air cooled engine.
  4. What is the on road price of Shine 100?
    • The on road price of Honda Shine 100 is Rs 77,406. This also includes the offers available in the market.
  5. What are the rivals of Honda Shine 100?
    • The main competitors of Honda Shine 100 are Hero HF 100 and Bajaj Platina 100.


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