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2024 BMW Electric Scooter Price In India BMW is a brand which is making its mark in the field of luxury vehicles. We’ve all seen and discussed BMW vehicles avidly, but did you know that BMW has also made bikes and scooters sharing its style? On the same track, a new electric scooter from BMW, BMW CE02, is set to be launched in India, and according to some reports, this scooter may be available in the Indian market soon.

2024 BMW Electric Scooter price in India

BMW Electric Scooter Price in India:

In modern times, it is the era of electric scooters, and moving in this direction, BMW has decided to introduce a new electric scooter in India, which is named BMW CE02. Talking about its price, this scooter has not been launched in India yet, but its price in the international market is $7,599, which is around Rs 6 lakh 32 thousand in Indian Rupees. However, the price of this scooter is likely to be much lower in India, because this scooter is being manufactured in India in collaboration with TVS company. Let us know more about BMW Electric Scooter Price In India.

2024 BMW Electric Scooter CE02 Design:

The design of the BMW CE02 electric scooter takes a new direction, with a futuristic design. This scooter not only looks like a scooter nor like a bike, but it has been specially designed keeping in mind today’s young generation. This electric scooter is very light in weight and also compact.

2024 BMW Electric Scooter CE02 Battery:

BMW CE02 electric scooter is going to be launched in India soon, but there is no new information about its launch date. Talking about the battery of this scooter, we get to see two 2KWH lithium ion batteries on CE02, which are removable. This battery takes 3 hours to fully charge and this battery takes 85% time to charge from 20% to 80%.

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Range:

This electric scooter from BMW has two lithium ion batteries of 2KWH, out of which you can select single battery or dual battery. On single battery, we get a range of 45 kilometers on this electric scooter, whereas if we talk about the range of dual battery, we get a range of 90 kilometers on dual battery. The top speed of this scooter is 45 kilometers per hour on single battery and 95 kilometers per hour on dual battery.

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Features

The features of BMW CE02 scooter make it different from other scooters. It has a large display, so the user can see the battery percentage, speed, navigation, and many more.

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Extra Features

The BMW CE02 scooter has many more features that make it even more attractive. You can connect it to your smartphone and control calls, music, and navigation through it. It also has safety features like reverse gear, ABS, and traction control.

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Specification

Scooter: BMW CE02
Type: EV Scooter
Design: Futuristic (Design For Young Generation)
Battery Capacity: 2kWh
Range: 45km (Single Battery) &90 km (Dual Battery)
Top Speed: 45km/h (Single Battery), 95km/h (Dual Battery)
Charging Time: 3 Hours (For Full Charge) & 85 Minutes (For 20% To 80%)
Features: Reverse Gear, USB Charging Port, Anti Lock Breaking System, Traction Control
Riding Modes: Flow Mode, Surf Mode, Flash Mode
Connectivity: Calls, Music, Navigation


With this new BMW electric scooter, a new revolution can come in the Indian market. Its design, performance, and features make it a great choice.


1.What is the warranty of the scooter?

Yes, the BMW CE02 scooter will be benefited under manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty comes with time and conditions, so it is good to read the details on the manufacturer’s website before purchasing.

2.Does it have a sound system?

Yes, the BMW CE02 scooter includes a premium sound system which makes your ride even more enjoyable.

3.Is this scooter made for Indian roads?

Yes, BMW has prepared this scooter for the Indian market, it has design and safety features suitable for Indian roads.

4.How will it be maintained?

Scooter maintenance is scheduled by the manufacturer and depends on how much you ride your scooter and how it is used. Proper maintenance ensures long-term performance of the scooter.

5.Is this scooter suitable for riding in summer?

Yes, the BMW CE02 scooter can be driven even in summer due to the electric system, and has a familiar range and top speed that helps in giving a safe ride to the users.


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